Our strength lies in our ability to offer a broad portfolio of skills and services. This diversity of solutions is built on our experience and has contributed to recognition of our expertise at international level.

We are your single point of contact and so we can meet all your energy needs through our overall approach.


We specialise in the development of comprehensive solutions for high-performance energy production. We work on all the stages of your project from its study, its funding, and through to its maintenance. In this way, we can guarantee results throughout the service life of the installation. For each project, we manage all the construction site stakeholders. Since we remain your single point or contact we can provide a positive result from a technical, human, financial and scheduling point of view.


We offer our 1,000 customers an energy purchase and sales management service. We identify the best contracts for you, based on a strategy adapted to your consumption profile and your risk profile. We act as intermediary (TPI – Third Party Intermediary) and remain your single point or contact.


Our role is not limited to the implementation of high performance energy solutions or to the cost optimisation of your energy supply.

Our ambition is to be a truly skilled and reliable partner and support you during all the stages and throughout the life of your projects. For this purpose, we have set up “Coretec Services” to complement and structure the overall service provision of Coretec. This structure includes a range of complementary services enabling you to continually improve your competitiveness while helping you to ultimately focus on your core business.