Coretec Energy, your partner in energy optimization, helps you to finance your projects.


Control your energy costs

As a professional, you are confronted with high energy costs and you wish to:

  • Improve your competitiveness by actively managing your energy costs
  • To perpetuate your activity on the Belgian territory
  • Keep untouched your financial capacity for your strategic investments
  • Secure your energy supplies and improve your energy independence
  • Guarantee the current level of reliability and availability of energy on your site
  • Improve your environmental impact, and in particular reduce your equivalent CO2 emissions (Branch Agreements)
  • Partner with a competent and reliable energy partner for the long term

Invest in energy optimization solutions with limited use of cash?

Investing in photovoltaic panels, for example, is a good way to become more competitive. The Walloon Public Service offers aids and bonuses to encourage sustainable development in Wallonia through green certificates. Despite these subsidies from the Walloon region and the State, a gain in energy efficiency will always require a more or less significant part of your company’s capital to be released.

But is it possible to avoid this cash outflow… without applying for a traditional bank loan with its time-consuming administrative management?

Coretec Energy finance your investment

Yes, it is possible, under certain conditions!

Your installation can be financed in many different ways. For example, your new photovoltaic panels can be financed through third-party financing, financial leasing, participatory financing and others….

Based on more than 300 pre-feasibility studies, 140 photovoltaic installations and the implementation of more than 80 cogeneration plants, Coretec Energy has developed a very efficient financing service. This third party investor highly appreciated financing solution allows our clients to seize energy optimization opportunities simply and quickly.

As a specialist in financing and energy optimization, Coretec Energy acts on two levels:

  • We act as a third party investor and manage the investment of your installation!
  • We take care of the entire installation of your energy optimization solution

Once the solution is installed, you will benefit from all the energy and financial advantages of a high performance energy production installation. Coretec Energy will pay a fee for the operation of the installation and will recover the green certificates from the energy production. The calculation of this fee is done in full transparency at the beginning of the project during the pre-feasibility study.

This service is the final piece of Coretec’s Energy global 360° offer. It allows you to rapidly benefit from your project without having to invest. This way you keep your financing capacity for strategic investments in your core business.

The main advantage of this solution is indeed obvious! This investment will not be reflected in your balance sheet. As a consequence, your financial independence, your financing capacity and your annual objectives are not affected. 

Thanks to the trust of our clients and the expertise of our teams in third party investment, we have already financed more than 20 million Euros in high performance green energy production in 2020. The popularity of this assistance is growing and should reach 30 million euros of loans by the end of 2022.

We manage all the administrative aspects

Financing is a time consuming activity. For this reason, Coretec Energy also takes care of the administrative management of the operation! Our team of experts will:

  1. Obtain incentives and possible financing
  2. Set up your file
  3. Manage the loan application until the financing is obtained
  4. Take out the necessary guarantees and insurance

But that’s not all. As part of our global service of integration of energy optimization solutions, we can also take care of the reservation and management of your green certificates

Some examples of financing

As an example, you will find below some projects that we have supported. Some of these projects would never have seen the light of day without a tailor-made financing model such as those we offer at Coretec Energy:

Installation of a cogeneration plant

  • Client: Walhorn dairy
  • Installed solution: Natural gas fired cogeneration TCG 202 V16
  • Capacity: 1,5 MW
  • Financing requirement: 2.500.000€.

Photovoltaic installation

  • Customer: Garnimetal
  • Installed solution: 760 photovoltaic panels
  • Installed power: 200 kWp
  • Need of financing: 184.500€.

Installation of a cogeneration

  • Customer: Materne
  • Installed solution: Natural gas cogeneration MWM TCG 202 V16
  • Power: 1,5 MW
  • Financing requirement: 2.150.000€.

Let's talk about your project

Like many Belgian companies, you probably have potential for energy optimization. With effective financing, your projects for solar panels, electrical car terminals, cogeneration, natural gas or biomass boilers… can quickly be realized for immediate benefits.

Contact us, without delay, to carry out a feasibility study tailored to your project!

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